skateboard memories
Film Diary | 2004 | February

The motivation is low. Maybe it is the dark winter here in Sweden. A light in this dark period though was the e-mail from Hans "Puttis" Jacobsson. He is organizing a skate reunion in Borlänge (Sweden) March 20. All the old summer camp skate rats are going to be there. That could be a nice article as well for the summer camp nostalgia site.

Had a talk to Hazze Lindgren recently. He has a lot of pictures from the camps. Hopefully we will be able to dig in to that big archive some day soon. He also mentioned another interesting idea. He and Lance recorded a summer camp music cassette that was very popular. Lance also did funny drawing for each song. It seems like Hazze has the original cassette and drawings and he had an idea of making a new summer camp CD with it. More news about this to come.

Also had a talk to Martin Korpi who was one of the guys helping out at the camp in 1985. They are all looking forward to the 1985 summer camp nostalgia film. I will put together a new little film for the reunion March 20.

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