skateboard memories
Film Diary | 2004 | March

The skate reunion in Borlänge went along just fine. It was fun seeing lots of the old skate friends again. Hans "Puttis" Jacobsson and his friends had put together a full day of small competitions like 360's, High jump, King of the park, Most 3 wheels out in 1 minute and an added trick kind of a thing in the big ramp. Some of the old summer camp skaters showing up were Puttis (of course), Hans Göthberg, Tony Jansson, Mikael "Slappo" Adolfsson, Niklas Folkesson, Janne Olsson, Ants Neo (Paljasmaa), Anders Svensson, Fredrik Olsson, Martin Willners, Stefan Johansson, Stefan "Lillis" Åkesson, Stefan Spång, Uffe Hansson, Hazze Lindgren, Per Holknekt, Johan"Student" Sandström and probably others that I have unforgivingly forgot for the moment. Hans Göthberg took the overall title and it was decided in true democratic spirit that it's now up to Götis to organize the next reunion. The bail prize went to Martin Willners who was close to a full bone fracture. According to X-rays it was only 70% cracked though. The good news is that it will heal together without any complications according to the doctors. He is in good spirits. The Sunday's snowboard session was fun too. More at

I showed a new film from the camp with almost only the Swedes. It was meant to be a trailer too afterwards but it finished up being 9 minutes long. And still there where a lot of Swedes missing in there. Hmm, I don't know what to with that now. That will have to be one of the many bonus materials on the coming DVD I guess.

Other good news for the film is that I got e-mail from Tim Alenius who was participating in the camp in 1980. Apparently his father was (is) an active film photographer. He told me he had some camp footage from the camp on Stacy Peralta, Per Welinder and Alan "Ollie" Gelfand. It was not a lot but it was just the footage we where missing. According to rumours from Tim his father is looking into his archives to see if there are more raw footage that exists.

I have now also looked through Jani Söderhäll's old footage from the camps. It was also very encouraging. There where film from the camps 1982 with Caballero and McGill, 1983 with Rodney, Billy Ruff and Neil Blender and 1984 with Rodney, Lance Mountain, Claus Grabke and Mike McGill. The highlights in the footage was some of Neil Blenders skating, one of Mike McGill's first 540's (McTwists) and film on the famous triple done by Mike McGill, Claus Grabke and Lance Mountain in 1984. There is a photo of it in the photo gallery.

Fredrik Kock Martin Willners Per Welinder Puttis Martin Korpi Per Holknekt Tony Jansson