skateboard memories
Film Diary | 2003 | March

As if it wasn't enough work with putting this film together a second project has followed alongside since the start. Creating music for the whole thing. And with the film getting longer and longer more music have been needed.

The small clips binding together the different weekdays and surprise footage in the film was now also in a beta state.

Stefan "Lillis" Åkesson started to work on our website "". The idea was to have a site with more photos, film and info around the camps and the coming film documentary.

We had e-mail contact with Claus Grabke. He was very helpful and gave us a lot of comments and thoughts about the Swedish summercamps. He was at many camps and finally as trainer in 1984 with Lance Mountain and Mike McGill. He did not attend the 1985 camp because of an injury.

Tony Hawk Rodney Mullen Tony Hawk Lance Mountain Doubles Rodney & Per Puttis, Slappo, Göthberg