skateboard memories
Film Diary | 2002 | November

This was a very productive month. The first half of the films sections was done. It was only beta versions but still. Jani had a first look. John and his friend Patrik Evander (Patrik works at the Bryggeriet skatepark in Malmö) were also having a look. They where amazed. And it's true that we have some heavy cult skate footage in our hands from 1985 on Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain, Rodney Mullen and many more including Per Welinder, Nicky Guerrerro, Hans Göthberg and lot's of other skaters, Swedish and international. Especially "cultish" is our footage of Tony Hawks first 720. And of course not to forget all the nice footage apart from the regular skating scenes.

Tony Hawk Rodney Mullen Tony Hawk Lance Mountain Doubles Rodney & Per Puttis, Slappo, Göthberg