skateboard memories
Film Diary | 2002 | March

So John needed a film for the April skate film festival. Corky did a film already in 1985. At the time video editing was not a simple thing. Somehow the sound was messed up on the edited master tape and the film never got out on the skate market. Actually there was one VHS cassette produced in an early stage and it was in the hand of Martin. In a box in the cellar he found it with other old skate nostalgia. It was not in a very good shape. It was not something you would like to show at a skate film festival of our days. So, there was not much of a choice. We had to edit a new one. And for that we needed to find the original VHS camera cassettes from the camp. Jani is the keeper of old Swedish skate material and after some weeks of searching they where finally in our hands. It very soon turned out that Corky once again should have a go at editing the summer camp film. And in this current digital age that would be a much easier task.

Tony Hawk Rodney Mullen Tony Hawk Lance Mountain Doubles Rodney & Per Puttis, Slappo, Göthberg