skateboard memories
Film Diary | 2003 | June

The first international slalom skateboard competition in Paris (Paris World Cup 2003) since 1995 was a success. Fun to see that the slalom discipline is starting to come back again. Corky did a small film about it. Then there where the competition in Switzerland. A small film about that has been done as well. They can both be downloaded from the Europe forum on See the topics "[Paris] Pictures & films" and "[Gruningen] Pictures & films".

As expected no time for the summer camp documentary.

What we have done about the camp though is to compile a funny little cartoon that Grant Brittain, Tony Hawk and Corky did in 1985. It's somewhere on the site. Find it and download it.

Tony Hawk Rodney Mullen Tony Hawk Lance Mountain Doubles Rodney & Per Puttis, Slappo, Göthberg