skateboard memories
Film Diary | 2003 | May

Another new version of the website from Lillis. I think we will stay with this one for a while. A new idea with "photo strips" at the bottoms of the pages is done. Each page will have it’s own "photo strip" later on. For now the same will be used everywhere. New "photo strips" to come.

The film. Starting to go through the film from start to finish with all voices laid on and all section transitions in place. When this is done we will have a first feel of how the film will be and if it works as planned with tempo, speaker, music and so on. Only came to the freestyle section this month though. Slalom skateboard competition in Paris, Paris World Cup 2003. Another competition in Switzerland in June. Vacation in July. It doesn’t look like the film will advance much the coming months.

But we have decided to put up the first film trailer we did a year ago. Look out for that!

Tony Hawk Rodney Mullen Tony Hawk Lance Mountain Doubles Rodney & Per Puttis, Slappo, Göthberg